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It is vital to sit high in the search engine ranking to tap on the unlimited opportunity available in the web world which happens only if the company markets its products and services effectively to the targeted consumers using correct content, coding advertisements and other presentation techniques.

Efficient Search Engine Optimization at Annzo increases the worth of an organization by significantly increasing its visibility. This may require relevant changes made in the website’s address or associated coding or it may be restricted to the content of the web-page, whichever is crucial to achieve the desired increase in traffic.

Annzo Corp, through its time proven effective processes and packages ensures that its clients get the most suitable marketing solutions and cost effectiveness by keeping the substance of content relevant instead of over stuffing of keywords and/or other such methods to maintain quality thereby increasing consumers’ satisfaction, which leads to consistency of viewership.

Most user don’t go past the first page of search engine results for a keyword, SEO practices at Annzo guarantee first page appearance of its client on top searches thus promising greater viewership leading to better sales ratio.

Although SEO may seem like a slow way to start improving sales revenues but Annzo’s cost effective long term marketing approach saves its clients from making heavy marketing investments every term or year.

Cost Effective SEO Packages:

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SEO Case Studies


This page will show you how our SEO Packages through our professional applications have brought a dramatic improvement in the ranking and positioning of few of our current clients websites in different business catagories.

Please note that our SEO Packages improved the ranking of these websites in a very short span of time (usually 1 to 3 months tops). we will keep on updating this page time to time.

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Malek Ali

I was very pleased to see professional, monthly reports with updated information that allowed me to see that Annzo wasn't just sitting on their butts, but actually working hard to ensure they delivered what they had promised, and sure enough, I was very pleased with the end result: Our website had sky rocketed to the top in the time frame they had promised. All in all, a very pleasant transaction.

Malek Ali, AA advantage Doors

Gino Triolo

I would just like to thank Annzo Corp. for doing a great job on my seo search engine optimization. A couple of months ago they called me with a proposition I couldn't refuse. They offered me to get to page 1 within six months or my money back. I was reluctant but went for the deal. 3 months later sure enough, they did exactly what they promised. Thank you for everything. well done

Gino Triolo, Ex Aurum Jewellers