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Annzo Corp provides Search Engine Optimized content writing services including article writing and blog posts, as part of its diversified portfolio of services. All major search engines nowadays are intelligent about and emphasize on unique content.

Writing Search Engine Optimized content including articles and blogs, requires sensibly manipulating the words of the content so that it appears in the foremost results returned to a user’s search and while also keeping it readable and interesting for the user. However, nowadays unique and fresh textual content is the one of the only reliable factors that can help a website achieve prominent position in the search results.

Keeping this in focus, Annzo Corp constantly creates a huge magnitude of high quality creative content to help the clients capture their respective target audience. Annzo Corp combines skilled content writers with professionals having expertise in the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization.

Annzo Corp strives to create a perfect balance between creating unique, readable and engaging text for the user. At the same time creating the right number of keywords and inter page links as well as the proper placement of keywords for the search engines to prioritize the client’s website in the search results.

Annzo Corp also helps in submitting articles to high profile article directories, similar to its other directory submission services. All articles designed by Annzo Corp include the ever important resource box which includes one-way permanent links to the client’s website, made by highlighting the important keywords.

Annzo Corp can also help in the designing of blogs for your website, as search engines prefer blogs due to their nature of containing content unique to a user or company. Annzo Corp can also provide you with the facility of updating your blog on a daily or weekly basis with relevant and useful content. Like articles your website’s blog can also be submitted to search engines and directories for further increasing traffic of potential customers.

SEO Case Studies


This page will show you how our SEO Packages through our professional applications have brought a dramatic improvement in the ranking and positioning of few of our current clients websites in different business catagories.

Please note that our SEO Packages improved the ranking of these websites in a very short span of time (usually 1 to 3 months tops). we will keep on updating this page time to time.

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Starla Kramer

I wanted to write a short note to tell you that we are pleased to be on the first page of Google! We have noticed an increase in "walk-in" traffic to our Floor covering store in Chandler Arizona, after only 3 months. We try to ask our customers where they found us, and some are referrals, but many say that they "Google" us. We were paying $1,500 per month to a company called Reach Local for sponsored ads and now we're paying 1/3 of that amount for the keywords we purchased. Your salesman Thomas Jackson is very knowledgeable and he follows up to see if we are happy, which didn't happen much with other companies. I am happy to write this testimonial, and would recommend your company to other businesses.

Starla Kramer, Carpet Broker Design Center

Gino Triolo

I would just like to thank Annzo Corp. for doing a great job on my seo search engine optimization. A couple of months ago they called me with a proposition I couldn't refuse. They offered me to get to page 1 within six months or my money back. I was reluctant but went for the deal. 3 months later sure enough, they did exactly what they promised. Thank you for everything. well done

Gino Triolo, Ex Aurum Jewellers