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A well planned and professionally executed Search Engine Optimization campaign can guarantee massive amounts of targeted traffic for a client’s website. This can prove to be a great alternative to pay per click (PPC) or other paid online marketing tactics, which can sometimes prove to be more costly than initially perceived. Below are a few detailed reasons which the clarify advantages that SEO has on PPC

Perspective (Global / Regional)

Selecting your keywords or phrases to target your audience, search engine optimization ensures that you and your company are found globally or regionally by those who require exactly what you offer. SEO has many benefits for any organization which wants to reach all potential customers locally or globally. You can reach the targeted customers of your own choice.

Targeted Traffic

Annzo Corp believes that getting relevant Targeted traffic is one of the most important factors contributing to the long term success of our clients’ website. The main aim of Targeted Traffic is to get target-oriented user activity, and this can help in of sales for whatever products or services the client is dealing in. Annzo Corp deploys its experience in the field of SEO to get you Targeted traffic from search engines and through natural searches, instead of just tricking the users.

A small amount of targeted traffic is more likely to get the sales and profit required than a large amount of non-targeted traffic. Annzo Corp helps in providing its clients the desired Targeted traffic by deploying the following techniques and features as part of its SEO service packages:

  • Creating new Blogs or optimizing existing Blogs and enabling various RSS feed services.
  • Specialized Off-site and On-site Search Engine Optimization.
  • Article submitting and where possible providing free incentives on the clients website to attract more users.
  • Unique and engaging landing pages with fresh and useful content.

Increase Visibility

Annzo Corp helps in getting increased visibility for the client’s website by providing unique, useful and fresh content for the client and also updating it constantly to keep the targeted audience engaged and focused on the client’s website as a reliable source of information.

Annzo Corp implements time tested methods which guarantee increased visibility on all major search engines especially Google. These include.

  • Constantly updating content on the client’s website or blog. Creating fresh and useful content, instead of creating an information overload for the user, which might drive them away. Constant content updates, ensures that there are returning visitors to the client’s website or blog.
  • Creating professional layouts and designs for the client’s website or blog to make them visually appealing and attractive for the users, so as to extend their attention span. Special focus is placed on the navigation and color scheme of the website to make it easy to use and provide the relevant information with ease.
  • Where it’s possible we provide the client with professional looking and relevant domain names. A domain name matching close to the nature of the business, makes the visitor trust you site as the real deal, instead of a source of spam.

Constant analysis of the SEO stats of the client’s website or blog. Also focusing on and identifying the keywords being used by the visitors to reach a site and keeping track of the information that is being accessed the most by the majority of the visitors

High ROI (Return on Investment)

Although many clients are reluctant to set aside a budget for Search Engine Optimization, many of them can be convinced of the advantages when they realize the return of investment t of Search Engine Optimization services.

Annzo Corp focuses through its Search Engine Optimization services, to provide increasing traffic flow of targeted and relevant customers to a website or blog. If a small portion of visitors spend a particular amount of money at a website, then it’s obvious that a increase in the number of such visitors will eventually increase the amount of money spent by the visitor and in exact proportion the money earned by the website or blog.

A good product or service Is not profitable unless It sells according to the desired level. Investing in a good Search Engine Optimization company can make businesses and services visible online to potential customers and thus increase sales, resulting in higher profits.The return on investment into Search Engine Optimization is always guaranteed due to its nature of being the most effective and result generating marketing method available today.

Long term positioning

The Long Term Positioning of a website refers to placing a website or blog in to the top 10 searches of all major search engines, particularly Google.

The purpose of website positioning is to help visitors to easily find and quickly access your website and the services offered. There are always users present who are looking for or are ready to buy products and/or services from a client’s website. A website which has been properly placed in the top ten results of the major search engines can easily be visible to potential customers.

Annzo Corp’ Search Engine Optimization methodologies not only guarantee a position amongst the top ten search results, it also helps maintain that position for a long term. Helping the client achieve improve and sustain the sales and profit of its products and services.

Search Engine Optimization is currently the most cost-effective way available for a client to market and promote its products and services and Annzo Corp helps its clients make the best use of it.


Annzo Corp through its Search Engine Optimization packages provides its clients the most cost effective way available nowadays, to market their products and services.

A long term investment in a experienced and well established SEO service can really boost sales figures and save the client large amount of money every year on marketing costs. Although SEO may seem like a slow start to achieving your goals but once the ball starts rolling the desired results are always present.

Search Engine Optimization has also been proven time and time again to be more cost effective than its paid counterpart services like Google AdWords and Pay Per Click services. Which may not achieve desired results if not utilized correctly.

Flexibility and Measurable results

Search Engine Optimization being the powerful and effective method that it is of online marketing, provides immense flexibility regarding online marketing campaigns. Various numbers of customized campaigns can be created pertaining to the diverse audiences which exist for different products and services.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the very few marketing strategies which provide clients with measureable results. This means that it is easy to keep track of and accurately quantify the results of the different Search Engine Optimization techniques that have been implemented.

Annzo Corp provides its customers detailed reports on periodical basis which provides details regarding ranking position in search engine, site statistics, users visiting the and other important key indicators.

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SEO Case Studies


This page will show you how our SEO Packages through our professional applications have brought a dramatic improvement in the ranking and positioning of few of our current clients websites in different business catagories.

Please note that our SEO Packages improved the ranking of these websites in a very short span of time (usually 1 to 3 months tops). we will keep on updating this page time to time.

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Starla Kramer

I wanted to write a short note to tell you that we are pleased to be on the first page of Google! We have noticed an increase in "walk-in" traffic to our Floor covering store in Chandler Arizona, after only 3 months. We try to ask our customers where they found us, and some are referrals, but many say that they "Google" us. We were paying $1,500 per month to a company called Reach Local for sponsored ads and now we're paying 1/3 of that amount for the keywords we purchased. Your salesman Thomas Jackson is very knowledgeable and he follows up to see if we are happy, which didn't happen much with other companies. I am happy to write this testimonial, and would recommend your company to other businesses.

Starla Kramer, Carpet Broker Design Center

Gino Triolo

I would just like to thank Annzo Corp. for doing a great job on my seo search engine optimization. A couple of months ago they called me with a proposition I couldn't refuse. They offered me to get to page 1 within six months or my money back. I was reluctant but went for the deal. 3 months later sure enough, they did exactly what they promised. Thank you for everything. well done

Gino Triolo, Ex Aurum Jewellers